Good Tree Academy is situated in Plano, Texas on a 6 acre wooded lot, surrounded by trees on 3 sides. The campus offers separate Elementary and Middle/High school wings. Large indoor Gymnasium/Multi-Purpose Hall enables students to have basketball even on rainy days as well as ample space to hold large events.

The campus is ideally located within driving distance from Richardson, Plano, Allen, Murphy, McKinney, Frisco, and Wylie.

Currently offering Montessori (ages 3-5) through grade 10 in 2017-18 and plan to add a grade every year for High School.

This project is not just about educating that small select group of students but about making the next wave of leadership in our communities.

Our future communities will need strong leaders who have come up from amongst them, & who have been educated properly, and been given the strong scholarship that we have present in our ummah.

We need to relay it to them in a system where they can be educated and nourished.

Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda
My 110% support is with institutions like Good Tree Academy that are nurturing the next generation of youth, that are nurturing the youth that are going to break barriers, that are going to be thinkers and visionaries because that is really what we are lacking. We are lacking thinkers. We are lacking visionaries. We want to produce people connected to tradition but understand the context. We need people that are concerned about society. That is what we are wanting to produce at Good Tree Academy!
Imam Yaseen Shaikh on Radio Azad