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Call to Worship

  We’re on Day Two of the ten blessed days, as millions of believers converge in Mecca - accepting Allah’s invitation to His house. Allah understands your intention, whether it’s a hope to be on a physical journey to Mecca and where you may be on your path of faith...

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The Best Ten Days!

  Are you ready to show Allah your steadfast belief in Him in what He calls the best ten days? Ustadh Michael Wolfender is preparing a video for each of these ten days, but first, he has some explanation on why Allah selects the beginning of Hajj for such a precious...

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Joy in Learning

  Good Tree Academy balances educational curriculum using the local public school system’s grade level content combined with a focus on understanding Allah’s words in the Holy Qur’an. As an example, watch to see all the things a 2nd grader enjoys learning and see what...

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Multlinguistic Learning

  Science shows individuals who learn and speak more than one language are able to process problem solving on multiple platforms. A 2nd grader provides a short demonstration of conversational Arabic, introducing us to his teacher, principal and family.   ShareThis:...

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Roots of Belief

  Good Tree Academy begins accepting youth at age 3, to help plant the roots of belief. Watch this video of a learning technique called ‘talqeen,’ where students follow an instructor in reciting surahs. As students learn surahs and progress through grades, they learn...

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Belief in Our Creator

  A Good Tree Academy student describes her favorite class, in her first year at the school after moving to the area. This 7th grader explains three types of belief in Allah, as she learned in Islamic Studies class.   ShareThis: facebook...

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  As the window closes to earn the opportunity to get the rewards of fasting the entire year, we focus on acceptance. Believers accept the will of Allah. We accept His direction in how He guides us to worship Him. And, as Ustadh Michael Wolfender explains in our last...

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Fear & Hope, Motivation & Pressure

  As believers, we come to learn the balance of loving and fearing Allah. Ustadh Michael Wolfender explains the power of motivation and pressure in seeking the ultimate reward in this video:   Are you up to the challenge? We hope these videos are helping you complete...

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Power, Protection and Focus

  We’re nearing the end of this month after Ramadan and hoping you are focused on maintaining that iman boost you experienced from watching Ustadh Michael’s 30-day video series with reminders from the Qur’an. To encourage completing six days of fasting before the...

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Qur’an Connection is a volunteer project under the auspices of Good Tree Academy, whose mission is to make the Qur’an meaningful for Muslims everywhere. Your donation supports students studying the Qur’an to understand its meaning and ensure they apply its learning in building better communities.