Through our matching gifts programs, you can doubletriple, … maybe even quadruple your donation.

Employers often offer their employees the matching-gifts incentive to encourage charitable giving—sometimes, they even extend their matching program to include donations made by an employee’s spouse or by retired employees, or to match volunteer hours. Companies like NVIDIA, MICROSOFT, CISCO SYSTEMS, IBM, Texas Instruments (TI), and Ericsson have matched their employees’ contributions to Good Tree Academy.

Enrolling in a matching gifts program is relatively easy.

1. Verify that your employer participates in a matching gift program. Contact Human Resources.

2. Confirm with your employer that Good Tree Academy is eligible to participate under its matching gift program.  If necessary, nominate Good Tree Academy to be placed on the acceptable organization list.  Since Good Tree Academy is an educational entity, it will qualify for almost all programs.  See point 3 for details.

3. Once you’ve determined that your employer will match your contribution to Good Tree Academy, submit your form:

  • Consult with your Human Resources team to obtain any necessary forms you’ll need to fill out.
  • Send your completed form—with a copy of your donation receipt—to the Good Tree Academy office: Attn: Matching Gifts, 3600 K Ave. Plano, TX 75074. You can also Fax:  972 649 6285.
  • If your employer uses an online matching gift portal, fill out the online forms accordingly, noting the Good Tree Academy office listed above. For your references, the Good Tree Academy’s Tax Identification No. is 26-1300145.

Questions about your charitable gifts? You can connect with a Good Tree Academy team member at 1-469-656-8281 or at [email protected]. Thank you for your generosity and continued support!

You can also use Square Cash to donate to Good Tree Academy.