The Ultimate Gift

As we prepare for Eid, we remember that part of the celebration is in On this important day, Ustadh Michael Wolfender reminds us of the most important day when we will meet Allah with our reckoning for eternity.

Hajj is nearly complete for the pilgrims. They spent many hours preparing. Ustadh Michael helps us consider the preparations we are all making to meet our Master:

We can use just these three examples everyday, making every simple action a remembrance of Allah: looking for shade, drinking water and treating each other equally.


Did you say yum?

As we prepare for Eid, we remember that part of the celebration is in sacrificing and sharing.

Today, Ustadh Michael Wolfender examines and extoll the virtues behind obeying Allah’s commands in preparing meat to eat:

What do you think about Ustadh Michael’s contention to vegetarians of the world? Our goal is to help spread understanding of Islam and Allah’s guidance, with the direction He’s provided. As humans, we are given the choice to follow the directions our Prophet peace be upon him has brought.


The Best Investment

InshaAllah, you are preparing to fast these final days before Eid. With this reminder, we also consider the best investments we can make in this lifetime, which we’ll carry towards the Hereafter – good deeds, engaging to understand Allah’s words in the Qur’an and offering prayer.

Today, Ustadh Michael Wolfender encourages an act to tip your scale of good deeds in your favor:

Prepare every day for the Day which matters most. This will encourage you to make the best investments.


Patience and Appreciation

It’s likely as you’re reading this, you’re not performing Hajj. Ustadh Michael Wolfender is producing these videos to help believers understand the directions Allah provides so we can all increase our worship in these blessed ten days.

Today, Ustadh Michael provides examples of exercising patience, particularly when performing Hajj:

As Ustadh Michael explains: a second way to increase worship of Allah is to focus on and offer prayer. Tomorrow, inshaAllah, we’ll see some reasons why.


The Glow of Humility

In these blessed 10 days, Ustadh Michael Wolfender reminds us of the story of Prophet Ibrahim and four ways we can grow closer to Allah:

InshaAllah, these videos are helping increase your awe of Allah, patience, steadfastness to prayer and spending from what Allah has provided you.


Significance of Obedience

Allah invites believers to His house to witness what is good for us and to remember Him. Ustadh Michael Wolfender explains some of the symbols Allah guides pilgrims to and how we can all benefit from their significance:

Remember that Allah encourages this journey as one of the strongest acts of obedience in worshipping and connecting to Him.


A Message of Truth

Today, Ustadh Michael Wolfender asks why make Hajj? He’s illustrating a point on the best way to make use of these ten blessed days, even if you don’t make a journey:

The idea of bearing witness and being a testimony to Islam’s message of truth is an idea to help believers remain steadfast on Allah’s straight path.


Call to Worship

We’re on Day Two of the ten blessed days, as millions of believers converge in Mecca – accepting Allah’s invitation to His house.

Allah understands your intention, whether it’s a hope to be on a physical journey to Mecca and where you may be on your path of faith within Islam. Allah has declared Islam as THE religion for humanity and given us the gift of prayer to worship Him.

Ustadh Michael Wolfender further explains how Prophet Ibrahim was chosen to build Allah’s house on Earth, and then invite believers:

We hope you’re making the most of these special days and encourage your support of our efforts to spread Allah’s message.


The Best Ten Days!

Are you ready to show Allah your steadfast belief in Him in what He calls the best ten days?

Ustadh Michael Wolfender is preparing a video for each of these ten days, but first, he has some explanation on why Allah selects the beginning of Hajj for such a precious time:

Join Ustadh Michael during these ten best days to learn why Allah swears by them in Surah Fajr, and for tips on heightening your iman.


Joy in Learning

Good Tree Academy balances educational curriculum using the local public school system’s grade level content combined with a focus on understanding Allah’s words in the Holy Qur’an.

As an example, watch to see all the things a 2nd grader enjoys learning and see what makes him smile.


Multlinguistic Learning

Science shows individuals who learn and speak more than one language are able to process problem solving on multiple platforms.

A 2nd grader provides a short demonstration of conversational Arabic, introducing us to his teacher, principal and family.


Roots of Belief

Good Tree Academy begins accepting youth at age 3, to help plant the roots of belief.

Watch this video of a learning technique called ‘talqeen,’ where students follow an instructor in reciting surahs. As students learn surahs and progress through grades, they learn the meaning of each word to help ensure calling upon our Creator is meaningful.



As the window closes to earn the opportunity to get the rewards of fasting the entire year, we focus on acceptance. Believers accept the will of Allah. We accept His direction in how He guides us to worship Him. And, as Ustadh Michael Wolfender explains in our last video, we accept the reality of consequences:

Indeed, belief in the Day of Judgment is one measure to keep Muslims seeking to journey in this life on the straight path.


Fear & Hope, Motivation & Pressure

As believers, we come to learn the balance of loving and fearing Allah. Ustadh Michael Wolfender explains the power of motivation and pressure in seeking the ultimate reward in this video:

Are you up to the challenge? We hope these videos are helping you complete six extra days of fasting.

Next time, Ustadh Michael brings you the tafseer behind the last ayat our Prophet peace be upon him recited in leading prayer.


Power, Protection and Focus

We’re nearing the end of this month after Ramadan and hoping you are focused on maintaining that iman boost you experienced from watching Ustadh Michael’s 30-day video series with reminders from the Qur’an.

To encourage completing six days of fasting before the weekend is through, Ustadh Michael has a new video looking at the power of the Qur’an, the protection Allah provides for it and the focus He endowed our Prophet peace be upon him:

We hope this message of faith in the unseen will encourage you to open the surah Ustadh Michael refers to and connect with the Qur’an.

InshaAllah this weekend, Ustadh Michael brings you a video on motivation and pressure addressing our purpose in life.


Purpose in Revelation

We hope you are taking advantage of six extra days of fasting in this month after Ramadan. Each day of fasting gives you the reward of sacrificing for Allah in the amount of 10 days.

Allah is quick to offer His blessings. Reading one Arabic letter gives you ten blessings. He asks in His book: is there anyone who will learn Qur’an. Ustadh Michael Wolfender explains the purpose in design of the order of the Qur’an and how that helps students in this video:

We’ll take a quick pause in sending you more videos so you can catch up on three days of fasting. In our next video, Ustadh Michael explains the power of faith in the unseen.


The Easiest Way to Understand

Have you completed a day of extra fasting? In today’s video, Ustadh Michael tells the story of students who ask questions about believing what’s in the Qur’an:

We learn everything from Allah is by intention – showing us miracles and making it easy to understand His book of guidance.

In our next video, Ustadh Michael explains how students learn the Qur’an, not from memorization but from meaning.


Understanding Allah’s Words

Ustadh Michael Wolfender is delivering six special videos to help encourage fasting six days in the month after Ramadan. Of course, during fasting, you want to increase your worship and connect with the Qur’an. Ustadh Michael takes three minutes to explain in this video how he teaches students to understand common words in the Qur’an:

Click here to see the 15 most common verbs in the Qur’an repeated in its last ten pages. Tomorrow, Ustadh Michael explains why and how Allah makes it easy to learn words in the Qur’an. Until then, accept our encouragement of your extended worship of Allah swt.


Connected for Life – Reap Rewards While You Can

Greetings from Good Tree Academy and your Qur’an Connection team. How was your Ramadan? We hope Ustadh Michael Wolfender’s video series boosted your iman as you sacrificed for Allah.

Ustadh Michael is back with a video reminder on how Allah gives us a chance to reap the rewards of fasting all year long, by fasting less than a week:

Ustadh Michael has a video for each additional day of sacrifice for Allah – each one of those days equals another ten days reward of fasting.


A Celebration of Achievement & Thanks in the Spirit of Eid

MashAllah, your inbox, and phone are likely about to get full of Eid Mubarak greetings!

In the spirit of his Qur’an Connection series, Ustadh Michael Wolfender extends Eid Mubarak wishes from Good Tree Academy:


Alhamdulillah, we thank you for your support of Good Tree Academy’s mission to make the Qur’an accessible to everyone around the world. With your good intentions and support, we will continue this work to bring meaning and connection to Allah’s guidance.

Show your generosity by supporting our students’ tuition shortfall, so they can continue learning Qur’an and you earn the benefit.


Remember, while the month concludes, Ramadan is a beginning to boost your iman.

Thanking you for your patronage in our support of connecting with Allah,
Good Tree Academy


Day 30: Connected for Life

Thanks to Allah for allowing us to taste the sweetness of this Ramadan. We might feel some sadness as the month ends, reflecting on the sacrifice and worship we have offered to please our Master. Ustadh Michael Wolfender explains how Allah tells us by taking an oath in Surah 81 Ayat 15 that Ramadan is really a fresh beginning in the journey to connect with Him:


What a gift Allah revealed to humanity and our Prophet peace be upon him in this blessed month! A gift of guidance to help us achieve success in this life and for eternity.

Don’t miss your chance to help, in any small way, support the commitment Good Tree Academy has to promote connecting with the Qur’an:



Day 29: Forgiveness

Ramadan isn’t over yet. There’s still more fasting, more opportunity for charity, more opportunity for generosity.

Ustadh Michael Wolfender spends less than five minutes with a lesson from Surah Mulk on making the most of every moment, inside and outside of Ramadan:


Do you understand now why demanding perfection from humans may often fall short? Humans are imperfect, but we can and should help each other. This not only makes us feel good, like sharing an iftar, but Allah requires us to wish for those around us as we would have for ourselves.

Show your generosity before Ramadan ends by supporting Good Tree Academy’s commitment to making the Qur’an accessible and understandable for everyone around the world:



Day 28: Hardship Before Ease

Got problems? Are you thankful for them?

As believers search for Laylatul Qadr, the Night of Power, many reached out to Allah last night asking Him to ease hardships. Ustadh Michael Wolfender understands life is a struggle and explains why Allah tests those He loves:


We can achieve contentment and happiness in this life, even with hardships which can make us better.

Will you help ensure a better future for the next generation of Muslim scholars Good Tree Academy is educating and support our efforts to make the Qur’an accessible and understandable regardless of where you live?

Jazaka Allahu Khayran and congratulations on your progress in connecting with Allah this Ramadan.


Day 27: Rush to Allah

We’re inviting our entire Good Tree Academy community to two opportunities.

First, if you’ve not had a chance to follow Ustadh Michael Wolfender’s daily Ramadan videos with reasons to remember Allah, start today as we look at Ayat 47 from Surah Adh-Dhariyat, translated as The Winnowing Winds.

Allah is everywhere. Look up and you will see His creation in the sky, feel the wind, the smell of everything organic is from Him, hear His guidance and connect with His words from the Qur’an:


Allah has prepared everything we need. Rushing to prayer is rushing to Him.

As we enter the final days of Ramadan and search for Laylatul Qadr, now is the best time to support the efforts Good Tree Academy is making to take Allah’s words and make it accessible to the world, educating Muslim scholars and leaders in our next generation.

We’ve invested our own resources, time and effort to bring you this special Qur’an Connection series and we sincerely seek your support so we can continue raising young Muslims in Allah’s path to be our leaders for tomorrow.


Day 26: The Right Relationship

Ustadh Michael Wolfender focuses on growing the right relationship with Allah. The word ‘slave’ typically has a negative connotation. Yet, believers are happy to be slaves to the right Master:


Our service doesn’t bring Allah any benefit. Yet, we are benefiting ourselves by serving Him. No other slave or master relationship is the same. A master does and should take care of his servants.  Allah is close, tolerant and He loves us. He has built a home for each of us in paradise. It’s simply up to us to choose His path.


Day 25: He Provides

Admit it – you’ve compared what you have to what someone else has, whether as a child or an adult. That’s human nature.

Watch Ustadh Michael’s explanation of why Allah distributes wealth, education, knowledge, talent, skill and even family ties evenly, though we may often be envious or not understand a perceived imbalance:


Do you understand better why Surah 43 is translated as the Ornaments of Gold after watching today’s video?


Day 24: Allah on Our Side

Everyone wants to be on the winning team. As believers, our number one priority is to ensure Allah is on our side. Ustadh Michael Wolfender uses an analogy to illustrate why Marvel’s superheroes have nothing on our Creator:

We hope our videos are helping you speak sincerely to Allah this Ramadan. He knows our troubles, is the Forgiver of all sins, accepts repentance, severe in consequence and our Unending Giver. Our final return will be to Allah, who will provide the fairest judgment to all oppressors.