Future Students


Good Tree Academy offers the following tuition plans

Plan A: 2 installments semi annually. Receive 2.5% discount and Sibling discounts could apply. First installment will be due by 15th of May.

Plan B: 10 monthly installments, 1st installment due by 15th of May. Sibling discount could apply.

Should you need any assistance please contact admissions with any questions.



Grades 1 to 6

  • Annual Tuition: $8,200
  • Material Fee (annual): $425

Grades 7 to 10

  • Annual Tuition: $7950
  • Material Fee (annual): $425

Grades 11 to 12

  • Annual Tuition: $6250
  • Material Fee (annual): $425


  • Half Day: Mon to Fri
  • Annual Tuition: $5,650
  • Material Fee (annual): $350

Full Time Hifz

  • Annual Tuition: $7650
  • Material Fee (annual): $300

Pre K to 3

  • 3 Full Days: Mon, Wed & Fri
  • Annual Tuition: $6,450
  • Material Fee (annual): $350

PreK-3, PreK-4 & KG

  • Full Days
  • Annual Tuition: $8,700
  • Material Fee (annual): $475


Siblings discount  5% (2nd child), 10% (3rd child), 15% (4th child) Discounts are applied on the total amount.


Although Good Tree Academy’s tuition per child is substantially below the cost of educating a child, the Academy realizes that some families may still find it daunting to pay the already discounted tuition.  Families facing financial hardship can explore whether Good Tree Academy’s Islamic Education Assistance Fund (IEAF) may be able to offer need-based tuition assistance to fill the gap between what they can afford and the tuition.  

To apply, please contact the school administration to obtain an application packet which will be submitted confidentially to the IEAF Committee (IEAFC).  Since the IEAF budget is limited and funded through community donations, rigorous documentation detailed in the application packet will have to be submitted to determine need-based eligibility.  

Further questions about the application process can be directed to ieafc@goodtreeacademy.org