Withdrawal Policy



Below is the policy for withdrawing any student from Good Tree Academy.

  • One withdrawing form per child (or family).
  • Parents and/or Guardians withdrawing a child during the school year or during summer are required to provide a 30 day written notice. Final month’s tuition from the date of withdrawal notice will be required.  
  • Financial account must be cleared for the withdrawal to be processed.
  • If the school is in session and your child/children have been attending, all textbooks must be turned in to the respective teachers/librarian directly and they will sign off on the withdrawal form.
  • No school records will be released to the parents, guardian or transferring school until our withdrawal process is complete.
  • Principal will only sign off on the form after the exit interview with the family.
  • Failure to attend class for re enrolled or new student is not a withdrawal. Parents/guardians will not receive adjustment on tuition or other fees if the student/students fail to attend school.
  • The only exception to the above policy is when a student has enrolled for less than 15 calendar days, which is considered the initiation period. In that case tuition will be required for half of the month regardless of how many days the school was attended.
  • Student will remain in the school portal(sycamore) until the withdrawal date is provided in writing by filling out the form.
  • There is no refund on tuition or other fee during the month that the withdrawal policy has been given.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for all financials regardless of when they withdraw.


  • Fill out a withdrawal form, return it to the front office.
  • Meet with the principal and the financial admin.
  • Clear any past dues on your account.
  • Return all textbooks and library books, get the teachers to sign off on the withdrawal form.

A signed version of the form must be on file with the Good Tree office for admission/re enrollment process to be complete.